We Prioritize Value and Attention to Detail

We understand that just because something costs more doesn’t mean it adds value to the project. A lot of what is of value is the invisible building science part of a project: how the exterior skin works, how the site is situated, how the HVAC works, how the overall space promotes long-term efficiency. We value how it all works together.

Our desire to provide a better service by having more control over the process and the quality of work led us to form Holt + Hubbell.

We grew from an architecture firm wanting more involvement in the execution of projects and our spirit is guided by the hands-on approach of Alden Hubbell.


Alden Hubbell was close to craft. He had the knowledge to do things, and he did them right.

Growing up on a dairy farm, he couldn’t run to the store for more rope when it broke. He found a way to mend it through experience and ingenuity. When his grandson and friends struggled taking down a sailboat mast, he came in and did it himself. When he was challenged to install telephone lines from one end of a building to another through a crawl space, he shot them across with a bow and arrow.

His inventive solutions were applied practically and without a lot of flash. This standard of intelligent creativity is one we follow every day.

We partner with our clients to understand all aspects of their project needs, even the small details that are usually an afterthought.

A construction project is generally a disruption, so timing, reliability and communication are important details.

That’s why we’re on the site regularly and maintain an intimate knowledge of what’s going on for every project of every size.